A Billion-Dollar Secret That Will Change Your Life

This article will take a slow reader about 5 minutes to read, and an average fast reader about 3 minutes to go through.

What I want to assure you is that it will be the Best 3 minutes of your whole life as I am about to share with you a small truth that many people do not know and most of the few who know it, don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

I want to describe the power that lies in your objective and subjective minds and how they interrelate together with your tongue in designing and directing your life. You must have read about the conscious and sub-conscious minds before, but I am about to describe it to you in a way that even a 5-year-old can understand, implement and start seeing results as soon as now.

I might not have the time to describe it to the last detail as I did in my newest book on personal development, you might consider getting it on Amazon to get the full gist of this magic secret and the many other ways you can use it and other aspects I discussed in the book to optimize your life and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Let me ask you this question; what generally comes to your mind when you hear the words conscious and subconscious mind? Do you always get this picture of two separate minds charged with making daily decisions, running calculations, and executing tasks?

Let’s find out… The human person has only one brain carefully covered and protected far from the ground, under the skull in the human head. Why not put the brain on one’s feet or arms? I think and guess the Creator thought of that too but because of the significance and functions of the human brain, this machine was best placed where the crawling insects of the earth would not reach. It is so delicate.

In this human brain is something so powerful that could transform and literally make you happy and successful this minute if you would learn and practice what I am about to share with you.

The first note to make is that there is only one brain with two minds. The two minds are distinguished from a point of mental state and not a physical demarcation. A clear and thorough understanding of the relationship that exists between these two minds is life-transforming. The human mind like every other machine is best and most efficiently utilized when the manual of operation is well understood and applied to the use of the equipment.

It is so important to understand how these two states of mind operate individually and in conjunction with one another and the tongue.

Before I use this scenario to shed light on this subject, keep this in mind_ The conscious or subjective mind, means the same thing and refers to your state of mind when you have control, are awake, and actively engaged in thought. This mind helps you make choices, and decisions in life. With the help of the conscious mind, you can choose between a red or blue dress, go to a party or stay at home, love or hate, and just anything in and about life.

The Subconscious mind/ objective or sleeping mind is one that comes into operation when the conscious mind goes to sleep. In other words, your subconscious mind acts on the information impressed upon it by the conscious mind. That said, let’s get into this illustration that will give you a very deep understanding of what actually goes on in and between these two minds.

Pay very close attention from here, in order not to miss this billion-dollar secret…

I describe the two states of mind with a monarchical system of leadership. Think about the kingdoms of the world, like the United Kingdom. There is a Queen or King (The Conscious mind) and the maids/guards (The Subconscious mind). Think about it as a master-slave relationship which is in fact the case with those two states of mind.

Notice that as a King or Queen, you only give orders and without any hesitation or question, your subconscious mind sees to it that it is executed to the letter. Note that the words of a king or queen are law and have power. Those words don’t fall to the ground but are executed as the orders are given without any room for debate. The reason why Bruce Lee once remarked, “Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your body doesn’t know the difference. Words are energy and they cast spells, that’s why it’s called spelling. Change the way you speak about yourself, and you can change your life.” So very well said!

Now picture yourself as the King or Queen walking around with your slave and saying things like; I don’t like myself; I am not good enough; I am not handsome or beautiful. Here is what happens, your slave (Subconscious) simply makes sure everyone in the city is in sync with your words as King/Queen. Anyone who would not obey the King or Queen risks being killed. So everyone tends to say, you are not good enough, you don’t have what it takes. That is because you have consciously given those orders to your subconscious mind in thought and probably in words too. Your subconscious mind is said to be so determined that it will move heaven and earth to make sure that every assignment/thought/order/word impressed upon it is executed.

On the flip side, what if you as the King/Queen went about making positive declarations, saying amazing things about yourself such as; I am amazing! I am beautiful; the world needs me; I am a great, loving, and kind person; I can do and achieve anything in life etc… Now the Slave (Your subconscious) goes out with the same objective in mind which is to see that the King or Queen’s word is enforced.

The consciousness of these truths and practicing this small secret will place you ahead of 95 percent of the world. Choose your thoughts carefully and only instruct or impress your subconscious mind with those ideas that you want to see come to pass in your life.

I used this together with several other practical illustrations to describe the simple truths of life in a clear, effective, and understandable way so that anyone can understand and transform their lives in my new book. To pre-order the book, drop us your email on this link and we will ship you a copy of the book as soon as it is released to the public.


Always remember, there is a special gift in you that the world needs.
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