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About Us

G2M was born out of the burning desire of a young boy who was naturally gifted with enormous talents and potential like everyone else but lived his life in the shadows of poverty, depression, and fear.

His struggle became so tough when he realized that in spite of his talents, gifts, and love for expansion, he found no place with like-minded people with whom he could walk this road together to purpose fulfillment, and abundance.

He later on decided to take the bull by the horns, exploit and share his gifts to the world. First reading and listening to as many different personal development materials and storming every seminar he could, but most of the inspiration and motivation lasted just a little while after reading a book, attending a seminar, etc. Finding the BETTER WAY, to stay on this journey of personal development, since it is an unending challenge,  with high levels of energy and enthusiasm, and making a positive contribution to those both far and near was his greatest quest. 

Then, one day, as he sat down at the tennis club and watched the energy and drive that each member had as they measured their skills against one another and triggered the hunger for growth in one another, this idea dawned on him.  It was so difficult for him at a time when no one seemed to understand and guide him through this dream.

He then decided to NOT  ONLY share his own gifts with the world but also help those who are willing to get on this same journey of dishing their talents and potentials to millions of people, find that convenient place where together with others,  can conveniently explore, navigate and share their gifts with the world while making for themselves millions and much more impact.

Dr. Myles Munroe once wrote…”The biggest tragedy of life is not Death, but a Life without PURPOSE”.

We all were created for a purpose and with a purpose. Each and everyone was endowed with a unique gift, talent, and potential to help execute that purpose.

At G2M, we will walk you through discovering your gifts and using them to serve your purpose to the Millions of lives you were destined to Impact.

We are in the business of helping people with their lives. No matter how dark, unsuccessful your life has been, we believe in you and believe you can walk a higher road towards a more fulfilling and happy life. Let’s get started on this journey of self fulfillment, lasting impact, joy, happiness, abundance and The Good Life.

We are committed to helping people with their lives. Helping men and women around the world get over anxiety and depression, discover their unique gifts, talents and potential and serve it/them to the world on a Silver platter to make millions while impacting lives globally

Che M. Didier (DESIRE)

CTO (Chief Transformation Officer)

F. Stephanie Mawoh

Host, Trainer & Speaker