Destiny is unique; Destination is general. Destiny is Subjective; Destination is objective.

Destiny is unique; Destination is general. Destiny is Subjective; Destination is objective. Destiny has just one route with everything along its path while destination has a variety of routes with everything sparsely distributed along the many different routes. Destiny involves a person with a series of coherent occurrences but destination is limited to a place.

Let’s take an example of two towns  on the opposite ends of a pole. Let’s equally assume that the hawkers who sell some items are the different treasures and/or pleasures we go in search of in life(health, family, peace, stability, agelessness, happiness etc).

Now, If there is only one way connecting town A to town B, guess where all the hawkers will stand to market their goods? Great answer! Everyone will fall along that path (path to Destiny/purpose).

If however there are a few different routes to the same destination, I guess it doesn’t take an Einstein to understand that everyone would like to dominate a certain route_Destination.

This explains why there are so many unhappy rich people; Unhealthy wealthy people; unfulfilled people living in affluence; Unsatisfied celebrities etc… PURPOSE/DESTINY

If you miss PURPOSE, we can most certainly be sure that you don’t lack one of those (especially fulfilment). The tendency with our generation is that almost 90% of the population are after the Destination (Be on the spotlight; Live a comfortable life etc…).

It’s like a Rolls Royce car that decides to sail on the sea instead of being driven on the road as it was designed.

If someone asked you out of ignorance the purpose of the Facebook App and you didn’t know, where else would he go for answers? You must be very smart if you said Mark Zuckerberg, Great answer!.

Go back to the author of life, Find Out your purpose and go explore it and share with the world as your gift to millions

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