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Don’t follow the flow, be the flow.

“Don’t follow the flow, be the flow” I find this quite interesting; you may want to share
with us what you think in the comment section.

Is it not funny how hard it seems to chase after your dreams especially when they are
contradictory to the trends of the majority? It is really hard to change the way people see
things but it is in fact very possible to decide your own fate, create your own pattern and
be your own flow.

“Don’t let your voice sound like all other noises made out there in the world today, be loud,
be clear and make a difference” this statement was made by Mary Riesberg. Don’t be a
coward that buries that inner voice to please the displays, mockeries and discomfort of the
majority just because your voice is out numbered.

According to Barack Obama, cynics make the loudest noise but the reality of things is that
they often achieve less.

What did they say?
▪ It is impossible? Keep this in mind “it is always impossible until it is done”
▪ You are just a dreamer? Remember to “follow your dreams, they sure know the

▪ You don’t have the standard and skill? Tell them “Perfection is not a culture but a
▪ You will give up when it is hard? Remind them that “If it does not feel hard, then
it is not right”
▪ You think too much? remember “if you don’t rule over your mind, it will rule over
▪ Can he even take it to the end? Tell them “It is not always all about intensity but
it is also about persistency and consistency”

What else did they say in an attempt to persuading you to join their flow?
It doesn’t matter what they think, what matters is how much you know yourself, how
much you belief in yourself and how much commitment you have in you. Lao Tzu once
said “knowing others is intelligence but knowing yourself is wisdom, mastering others
is strength but mastering yourself is true power”.

Without courage and discipline, you will not start but most importantly, without
commitment, your will never get there.

Don’t give up just yet because that is what cynics are waiting for.
When things go wrong and the world sees it to be negative, remember you have the
right to your thoughts, only you have the keys to your mind hence you have the right
to your own perspective. Remember in every negativity, is a positivity.

Think positive, talk positive, Take action

****Be your own trend.****

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