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Do you have a dream? you sure have always dreamt of a better you but you can’t seem to
escape from that web of excuses every day, every hour, every minute and every second. It is
easy to make up an excuse to justify why you haven’t achieved your dreams yet or why you
can’t achieve them.

The amusing part of dreaming isthat we want to achieve big yet we want to enjoy our comfort
zone and in the end, our failure is linked to our family background and status. The truth about
the situation is that we are just acting under the veil of ignorance, laziness and irresponsibility.

Has the question of how great celebrities made it in life ever crossed your mind? Jim Carrey,
Leonardo Dicaprio and many others did not come from a rich background nor did they
succeed because of family status. According to Steve Pavlina if you are passionate about
growth, then you must be authoritative and take responsibility of your life, make strong
decisions and take command over your life and your results.
Richmond Akhigbe said “ease is the greatest threat to progress than hardship” whenever a
person is faced with hardship, he is more productive. Whenever you decide to commit one
more minute to sleep after your alarm rings, you are losing a minute you will never get back
and whenever you decide to read a book rather than watching a movie, you are investing in a
seed that will boost the growth, realization and blossoming of your dreams.

Danzel Washington said “if you can think it, you can do it” it’s high time you wake up from
your bed of roses and excuses so you can chase that childhood dream that resides in you. It
deserves to see the beam of daylight and reality.

The very first thing you will want to do is to draw it on a beautiful board and hang it in all entry
corner of your house, office or where ever you think it will be most visible. This will remind
not just you about your responsibility towards yourself, but it also is a reminder to nature and
its law of its responsibility towards you.


Dream it, Think It, do it.

It is ok to fall down seven times but do remember to get up the eight time.

Impossibility is just a state of mind.

Dream big, the world needs your special gift

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