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Do you know that there is a difference between making movements towards an objective and progressing
towards that objective? We console our selves every day with movements
There is a difference between progressing towards your dreams and making movements towards your

Progress is advancement towards that goal while movement is unprogressive motion.
We have become so addicted to our comfort zones that we move rather than progress.

Ease goes with movements and hardship goes with progress. If you want to reach the end of the tunnel, then you
must let go of easy things and methods, you must leave your comfort zone and you must pick up the
challenge. Whenever you find yourself in a hard situation, it is then that your productivity and inspiration is
born but when ever you are in your comfort zone and every thing feels ok and easy, Danger alert.

You sure remember the quote “ease is the greatest threat to progress than hardship” of Richmond
Yes indeed, ease is the greatest threat to progress than hardship.

Let’s take the case of two students preparing for an end of year examination, “A” is fun of partying and
watching movies and having fun while “B” forgoes this pleasure and is committed to studying. The
interesting thing is time won’t stop and the examinations won’t be pushed forward. Student “A” is in his
comfort zone while “B” is out of his ease and comfort, undergoing the hardships of burning midnight
candles. who will make it through and why? Let me know in the comment section.
Two athletes are in for a run, one is running as fast as he can to hit the finish line despite the struggle and
tiredness while the other would not want to put in more effort, “Ease and movement, hardship and
Movement comes with not wanting to put in additional efforts to meet up with the goals just like
the second athlete.
Progress comes with pushing boundaries and fighting for the goal irrespective of what it takes, this is the
commitment of the first athlete. He really doesn’t care about what he is enduring in the course of the run
but what he sees is the end result.

So, which of these persons are you?
Elements of ease can be summarized as comfort while elements of hardship can be described as
undesirable (mockeries from others, no support from family, forgoing favorite distractions, … let me know
what other hardships you are facing in the comment section).

It is hard to reach the objective but not impossible

Remember if it is not hard, then you are doing it the wrong way.

There is Light at the end of the Tunnel
Don’t Move, progress

Your dream deserves to see the beam of day light


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