“Feed the goose that lays the golden eggs.” ~Jim Rohn

The author of this quote used it to illustrate why it is important/necessary to pay taxes. He said, “Johny should expect to ride his bicycle on the mud if he does not pay taxes for tarred streets”. Summary of it all; tax money is important to help us enjoy all the amenities the state (the goose) provides. We should feed the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Treat your body (Earth suit) with due care, for that is what gives you legal authority here on earth.

We could equally use this to describe the importance of health to our wealth and productivity.

Our friend Zig Ziglar asked the question…”If you had a Million-dollar horse or a thousand-dollar dog, would you let it sleep outside, drink whisky and come back late at night?”… I guess you said NO! If we could be this careful and protective of our animals, what more of ourselves that are worth trillions of dollars and even much more?

“I sleep 2hours a day”; “Rich people don’t sleep 8hours a day”

Have you heard people make such statements? I am asking you, Don’t compromise your health for anything… Your body needs ample rest in order to repair daily. I recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily

You take in substances that damage your health, practice unhealthy eating habits and ruin your lungs with all kinds of cigars. That’s being arrogant with your health.

Here’s a good way in my opinion to tackle your addictive habits take smoking for instance. Get a blank piece of paper, with a line at the center, write the problem to the left(smoking) and to the right, write down just five GOOD reasons why you smoke.

Reasons make the difference in results. If you have enough reasons and those reasons are strong enough, the results will be easy to get. When the why gets clear enough, the how becomes easy.

This exercise might seem insignificant, but I challenge you to take out time to do it and you’ll be amazed at the results. Everything we do or fail to do in life is as a result of REASONS. It is always BECAUSE…

As a child, you went to school because…; as an adult, you work because…; As an entrepreneur, you build businesses because…; As a pastor, you preach the Gospel because… We keep doing all of these things because the reasons behind them are good and worthwhile.

The moment you realize that there is No good reason why you do something, you’ll let go immediately. Get just five good reasons why you are ruining and weighing out the machine that was designed to bring change to the world.

I described this exercise to a friend once, and he tried it and stopped smoking since that day until this. He had become an addict smoker for the past 7 years of his life

You might have no idea of how much you are worth but know this, you are VALUABLE, and the world is in dying need of your special gift.

No one else in the world is as unique as you are or would serve that special talent, skill or potential that lies within you. Explore your gifts today and share with the world. You were created whole and complete, and you are GOOD ENOUGH for the purpose for which you were fashioned for. Get at it Today!!

Who Am I?
Ask yourself this question today? Who Am I?

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