How To Get UNSTUCK from Habits and Addictions

Hello Awesome People,
How are you doing today? Trust you are making progress whether little or massive… Just keep going.
It’s been quite a while I didn’t come to share a few thoughts with you but I’m here now.
I want to talk about habits and addictions.

We all have heard of those two words and in some way or the other, we all have habits and addictions. Some are positive, others are negative but we are all addicts.

Here’s something I want you to make a special note of as it is the message behind this article…

You CANNOT change habits and addictions.

If you have any bad habits, just forget about changing them. It’s that simple because you cannot change it. Think of it this way… Let’s take smoking addicts for example, ‘Jerry’ says, “I quit smoking!” That’s a great decision! Jerry, but that’s just the first part of actually quitting any habit. Jerry who spoke of quitting smoking still goes to the places he went for smokes, hangs out with his smoking friends, and keeps on the old trend in all.

Jerry might have a strong Will power to stick to his decision of quitting smoking, but he is still trying to change a bad habit.

If we cannot change habits, does it mean every fallout in character is life-long? NO!

Here is what we can do instead of just trying to change those habits. I mean, saying you want to change smoking would be probably trying to say, “Smoking is good”. You can’t do that!

Here is the word for shifting your habits and addictions – REPLACEMENT.

Habits and addictions are like inputs that you key into your devices as data or the ingredients you put together for a soup. If you want to change the output, just focus on the input.
If Jerry is serious about quitting his addictions, here are three P’s he must look out for and change: People, Places, and Plans.

People – The people Jerry got around with, fed him with the information and ideas that made him a smoker, if he would want to change that, my advice is to get around the right people. People who aren’t doing the things he would want to quit and feed on their energy, ideas, and motivation.

Places – The next is the places Jerry hangs out, either physically or socially (online or offline). The reason why the first ‘P’ for people comes before places is because the people whom Jerry will hang out with, will naturally and subconsciously detect the places Jerry would spend his time in.
Humans unlike other species of creation feed from their environments and that shapes their character and mindsets. If the house you live in gives you certain thoughts and feelings that aren’t appealing to you, then change them. Go away to a faraway land if you can and start anew. You don’t really have to live your whole life in cages of fear and feelings that hinder your growth. Step out into the world and conquer.

Plans – The third ‘P’ for Plans, is to give Jerry an idea and a vision for the future. There is a phrase in scripture that says, “Without Vision, the people perish”. That’s so true! Addicts and people who feel stuck in life, is usually because they do not have a picture of the other side in mind. This mental imagery which constitutes the foundation of factual realities as I explained in my book, is very crucial for creating new routines and habits and most importantly, getting anyone unstuck and moving toward their dreams. You will need ideas and goals to kindle and keep ablaze the fire that burns in your heart and the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts.

Finally, Jerry has gotten through with those 3Ps for shifting his habits and addictions, so what’s next?

You might think those 3Ps would mean a smooth ride or a celestial parade but that isn’t the case. There will still be fall-outs along the way. Jerry might still find himself very close to holding a Cigar but here is what he must do to get over it – collaborating with the positive forces by declaring firmly his convictions which are now fueled by his new vision of the future he has in mind.

All these described above could be used for any habits or addictions one might want to get rid of, it could be Porn, Alcohol, and social media doomscrolling. Also, try to put yourself in the person of Jerry now and look for those mild addictions that you have always wanted to get rid of and go to work on them.

Thank you for stopping by to share these five minutes of your time with me to share some good ideas. Hope you found value in this write-up. Kindly leave us a like and comment on what and how you got over and replaced your bad habits so that we all learn and grow…
Remember, “The World Needs Your Special Gift”

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~Che Didier (Desire)

2 thoughts on “How To Get UNSTUCK from Habits and Addictions”

  1. Kum Doris Mbeuh

    Great insights here Sir Didier. Even the worst habit can be replaced with a strong discipline to keep in touch with the right people, visiting the right places and making the right places. Big dreams require healthy habits and healthy habits require discipline. Without this, nothing works. Thank you for your wonderful inputs

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