Setting Goals is Fun! Here is where most people miss it!

Setting goals is fun; Making plans and wishes is even much more fun BUT following through is where all this fun turns to PAIN.

Scripture says, “The spirit is willing but the body/flesh is weak”.

We all have this problem. Clinton sets an alarm to rise at 4am to carry on a task and when the time comes, Clinton’s body says, “we need 2more hours to rest boy…”

This is where the challenge of discipline is required to prove itself. If Clinton’s Will-power is stronger than his weak and lazy body, then he got the art of discipline in the palms of his hand.

Someone once said, “Courage is not the absence of fear but the art of suppressing that fear by doing it anyways”. It is not any different for disipline.

Discipline is not the absence of laziness or human weakness but the art of reminding your weak and sickly body that YOU and not your body is in control.

Take control of your life Today! Develop the strong disciplines that will suppress all your bodily weaknesses and go for what is yours. Do not let laziness slack on you but instead, get hold of your mind and Will power to do all that you possibly can when you will to do it.

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