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If you are looking for a community where you can grow personally and professionally with accountability partners from all around the world to work and grow with, you’ve come to the right place! G2M Mastermind Club is that place for you. Looking for more information on the process? Click “Search for Club” below, to find a club closest to you. Ready to get started? Follow the steps outlined in the “Apply to Join Club” section.

Request Information: How to Join Club

Did you know that G2M clubs provide a proven educational program in a supportive, self-paced environment that improves communication and leadership skills? Club members meet regularly and practice skills that help them to grow as communicators and leaders, advancing them towards career, community, and personal goals. Click on “Request More Information” to find out about all that is needed to join a G2M Mastermind Club today!

Been a Member of G2M Club and want to Start a Local Club in your Area? Apply to Start A Club Today!

Ready, set, start your club. Step one – click on “Application to Organize” below; fill it out and submit it. Subsequent steps are:

Pay a one-time charter fee of $125
Pay a one-time new member fee of $20 per member
Recruit 20 or more people (age 18 and over) who want to join your club.
Designate and secure a meeting location.
And that’s it! A G2M International representative will contact you to guide you through the final steps.

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