The biggest lie ever told about the word SUCCESS

What is Success to You?
A fat purse or Bank balance?
A dream car, home or business?
A healthy and loving family?
A picnic by the Australian sea shells?
A Guinness world record? And many more…

Have you defined what the word Success means to you?

Many people go through life hopelessly depleted and without any drive for the future because their definition of the word success is not clear to them.

By the way, Wealth and financial stability is just one measure of success and perhaps not the most fulfilling. We have all heard and read about great men and women of this age who in spite of their wealth, still felt the emptiness.

So, what really is success?

Well! I’d say, it is desiring something (whatever it may be), setting out to do it, and accomplishing it.

After my pushups in the morning, I celebrate myself as though I won an Olympic gold medal. This helps me get that mental conditioning of a winner and every other thing throughout my day is a win. I don’t wait till I get a trillion dollars until I celebrate myself. Every hit, financial or not is an opportunity to raise glasses to myself in joyous commendation.

If your young girl of 4 makes the bed for the first time, she was successful at moving from not being able to do it to making the bed. That is enough reason to celebrate.

If you could only run a mile last year and this year, you stepped up to two, you are a champ.

When we begin to see and define success in the little things of life, no telling how much greater things we will accomplish. The reason is that those little things are confidence builders and they fuel and furnish us with enthusiasm and a stronger drive to press for more.

Again, Wealth is just one measure of success and certainly not the ultimate. If you keep using this parameter as the only measure of your success in life, you certainly are missing out on a lot.

What about your spiritual, mental, and relational growth?
What about lifestyle and culture?
What about the pretty little things that might not make much sense but make you laugh out really loud? Those moments you spend in conversations.
What is your definition of success?

Truth is, even those who consider wealth to be their sole measure of success aren’t even ready for it. As a result, it might hurt them if it falls into their lap. To be successful is to continually work on every area of your life so that you become the best and the most of who you can be.

Refining your language, pruning and taming your ego and other character defects, and contributing to the world, grace, and beauty by the way you live your life. Your life is a full message/book, make sure your audience (the world) is reading what you’d love to share.

Most of the things you’ll need to do in life will require money, you’ll certainly need it. So, in all thy pursuits for wealth, make sure you are growing and sharing as much in the other areas of life as discussed above.

I have a very strong conviction in me that every living soul has a gift and a huge potential in them waiting to be tapped, explored, and shared with the world. I have therefore committed to helping Men and Women the world over, to discover, mine, refine, and share their gifts with millions of people in the world.

The World Needs Your Special Gift
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