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It sounds crazy but time is indeed an unstoppable series. It is the only thing that
doesn’t care what you do or think as it moves on. One minute lost will never be
recovered. Just like man suffers from ill health, so does time suffer from time

Every day, time gives you 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds, what do you
do with it? At the end of every day can you give an account of these 24 hours?
Let’s talk a little about time wasters.

You must be wondering What time wasters are?
Time wasters are actions engagements and commitments that are not worth or are
manifested at the wrong time.

Are you a reader, a student, a business man or a parent, everyone is guilty of
wasting time or doing the right things at the wrong time.
Most at times in our personal lives, our time wasters are our favorite distractions.
Are you addicted to your favorite distractions?

Did you know your phone to some extent is a time waster when it becomes
What if I also told you that social media is the greatest time waster so far?
Apart from these two, laziness too and other things you can list based on your
personal life are all time wasters. Time is the only movie you watch without being
able to pause, backward or fast forward. When you become addicted to time
wasters, you are under the spell of indiscipline. If you want to overcome time
wasters, you must have;
Disciplined thoughts, Disciplined actions and Disciplined environment.
Set up directives in your mind, set up boundaries around your actions and then
build restrictions around your environment.

Let every year, month, week and day come with a clear stated purpose.
The value of a year can be better understood by a student who lost his end of year
examinations, just like the value of a month could be better explained by a mother
who lost her baby in the nineth month of her pregnancy and the value of a week
and day can be better felt by a patient suffering from a deadly cancer. Time has
offered itself free of charge to you so don’t waste it anymore.

Sometimes it is hard especially when it has to do with overcoming your favorite
distractions but it is not impossible.

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